Land Rights Authority Overwhelmed by Customary Land Disputes

In Bong County in central two neighboring towns, Gbongea and Gbonota are entangled in a long standing land dispute that is threatening to erupt in violence.
The dispute pits traditional land title practices used across the country against modern efforts to reform Liberia’s land ownership laws. The 2018 Land Rights Act was supposed to give communities the means of secure legal title of their lands.

Instead it has led to disputes across the country and a system that is so overhwhelmed and backlogged disputes have stretched out for years.
Naomi Kennedy visited the two towns in Bong and found frustration and anger and authorities that seem unable to provide any answers.

This story was a collaboration with New Narratives as part of the Climate Change and Land Rights Reporting Project. Funding was provided by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office and the American Jewish World Service.