VIDEO: The First Liberian Faces Trial for War Crimes in Liberia; Alleged Victims Want Justice

When the United Liberation Movement of Liberia (ULIMO) sieged Lofa County in Northern Liberia in bloody fashion in June 1993, they allegedly committed all kinds of atrocities, including widespread looting. Under the command of Alieu Kosiah, ULIMO made Foya District their stronghold — and then proceeded to tear it apart. Looting is one of the charges against Kosiah, as his war crimes trial continues in Switzerland. In this second of a two-part series, reporter Anthony Stephens and cameraman Harry Browne detail the alleged looting by Kosiah and his rebels. Survivors describe the violent destruction they saw with their own eyes by the man called “Physical Cash.”

The Looting of Alieu Kosiah from New Narratives on Vimeo.

This piece originally aired on Power TV as part of the West Africa Justice Reporting Project.