Call for Applicants for Extractives Reporting Program

The Thomson Reuters Foundation is working with New Narratives, a non-governmental organization that has been driving improvements in Liberia’s media sector for seven years, to run a program that supports Liberian media to cover the country’s extractives industry. Support for the project comes from GIZ.

The program has a focus on mining, which is an important and growing part of theLiberian economy. Liberia is home to resources including iron ore and gold, and these could earn the country significant revenues to be put towards sustainable development. But is there sufficient oversight of the sector? That’s where the media comes in.

We are looking for Liberian journalists to take part in this one-year scheme. It will run during 2017 and will feature training, mentoring and editorial support to help journalists produce original, accurate and engaging coverage of the mining sector that would not have come about otherwise. Modest funding will be available to journalists to help them produce stories, particularly where travel is involved.

The first training workshop will take place in Monrovia on January 26th, 27th, 28th and all participants will be expected to take part for the full program.

By taking part, participants will learn about a range of extractives sector issues including contracts, the management of revenues, the implications for Liberia’s economy, and the environmental impact of the industry. It will encourage journalism that relates these issues to the lives of citizens through engaging storytelling.


We are looking for journalists who:

 Report for a national media outlet in Liberia – print, online, radio or television

journalists are eligible

 Have at least two years of professional experience as a journalist

 Are motivated to cover the extractives industry and how it relates to other aspects of

life in Liberia

Please note: journalists taking part in the program must report the extractives industry in an independent manner and must not take payment from any sources in the course of their reporting. The project will not tolerate the acceptance of such payment. Participants will be required to sign an agreement to this effect.

Apply here.  The deadline is the 7th January 2017.