“Hacks and Hackers: Liberia” – Digital Transformation Workshop for Media and Technologists

Premium Times’ Managing Editor Idris Akinbajo tells media owners they must “Innovate or Die”

Liberia’s media institutions received a major boost when the Swedish Embassy in Monrovia funded a digital revenue workshop with regional pioneers Premium Times aimed at helping media learn to raise independent revenue from online sources and donors. The “Hack and Hackers” Digital Transformation for Newsroom training provided Liberian media and technologists the opportunity to learn and conceive new and innovative products to generate revenue.

We partnered with I-Lab, Liberia’s leading technology organization, to bring together more than 40 technologists and business leaders from 20 media houses including Okay FM, Prime FM, News Public Trust, Radio Gbarnga, The Daily Observer and the Independent Probe.

Albert Lougon of ILAB speaks at New Narratives’ digital workshop

Helping Liberian media to become financially sustainable has always been NN’s number one goal. This workshop was a first of several initiatives designed to help media grow independent revenue.

NN Executive Director Prue Clarke tells media how to find and apply for grants to support journalism

George Stewart of News Public Trust said “This is an excellent endeavor. And I would say in my own words, this is the path the Liberian media needs to take because it answers sustainability. You know, the ability to raise revenue in this 21st goes beyond the traditional, conventional rate sheet that we are used to”.  

“I am very grateful to New Narratives and its partners for organizing this workshop. We learned a lot, especially about raising online revenue,” said Faith Gbekai, Business Manager at Prime FM.

Richard Akinwumi, head of Digital Strategy at Premium Times shares advice on making revenue from social media.

Richard speaks to more than 40 participants at the workshop.

A cross section of media bosses at the workshop. From right to left: George Stewart and Klonious Blamo of News Public Trust and Bai Best of the Daily Observer Newspaper