Letter of Support from an Appreciative Reader

Letter from Liberian reader, Flomo Freeman to New Narratives:

Today is a very all important one to extend thanks and appreciations to staff and team members at New Narratives media institution. You all are doing an amazing and sacrificial job that many people would otherwise do in a society where many parts remain inaccessible and uncovered due in part to poor roads. It is now clear to many that you are committed to providing your readers and listeners true and balanced stories about their country and its people. You are reporting stories that are breath taking and informative. You are performing a courageous task every day and I do think Liberians all over the world are pleased with your performance and dedication to the profession. Thanks to all of you and I wish you a successful achievement in your endeavors.

Liberians get daily news about their country because of your work at New Narratives, and they will continue do so as long as you continue to dig out sensational and balanced stories without fear. You are the eyes of the nation through which the people can see and understand what they are faced with now and tomorrow. The information you share enlightens the minds of the public and provides a better understanding of where the country is today and how it is coping with economic challenges. People make informed decisions using information they get through local media outlets like New Narratives, which has demonstrated professionalism and unbiased reporting among other media institutions in the country.

I commend you for standing up to some of the failed leaders in both the government and private sector. Your work is unwavering and you are not intimated by power or personality. You understand your role and obligation to your readers and the country because you understand needs to prevent waste and abuse in government and to promote awareness all people. This has not only made New Narratives a trusted institution with great integrity and respect, but also pinpointed to your resilient in the face treats and difficulties.

May God bless you and Liberia!