NN Executive Director Prue Clarke and advisor Agnes Umunna on Women and Crisis Panel

From Congo to Liberia to Afghanistan and Bosnia, women continue to bear the brunt of conflict. As many as three in four women were brutally raped in Liberia’s civil war. The carnage in Congo has gone on for 13 years with no sign of stopping. They are victims of an insidious new development in warfare – rape as a weapon. Filmmakers have been at the forefront of efforts to bring an end to these conflicts.

This panel considers efforts to stop violence against women. Who is in a better position to stop it – international and local business, military and political leaders, or the women themselves?

Watch this panel discussion hosted by City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Panel: Women and Conflict – Apr. 7, 2011 from CUNY Grad School of Journalism on Vimeo.