Blind Women Defy Disabilities to Become Entrepreneurs

Blindness is one of the many tragedies that Liberians suffer at higher rates than people in other countries because of limited medical care. As many 22,000 Liberians suffer from impaired vision.

Sadly, most cases in Liberia are preventable, but with little treatment available, people lose their sight. The loss of independence, shame and isolation that come with blindness can become a huge burden, especially for the fifty per cent of Liberians who live in poverty.

But there are some who are defying their impairment and finding ways to live with blindness.

Fatu Kamara of OKFM reports in this collaboration with New Narratives on two visually impaired women who are thriving and hoping to inspire others to live better lives.

This story was a collaboration with Okay FM as part of the “Investigating Liberia” Project. Funding for the story was provided by the Swedish Embassy in Liberia. The funder had no say in the story’s content.