FROM: Independent Newsmedia Organizations serving Liberian audiences.

PROJECT: Building Independent Journalism in Liberia


New Narratives, with support from the Swedish International Development Agency, is pleased to call for applications from leading Liberian newsmedia organizations for a program that will boost quality independent and investigative journalism in Liberia.

Applications are invited from newsmedia that are interested in building the quality and depth of their independent and investigative journalism through reporting grants and opportunities to learn about innovations in media businesses and digital revenue opportunities.

Six Liberian newsmedia organizations will be chosen to take part in the three-year program. Successful newsrooms will receive: 1. training in digital revenue opportunities and digital product development 2. time with a developer to work on a product 3. Training and mentoring in journalism and revenue generation grant opportunities and applications.

The organizations will also be invited to select one to three journalists to become New Narratives “fellows”. Fellows will be eligible to: 1. Apply for 30 investigative journalism grants each year 2. Security and risk awareness training from international experts 3. Training and mentoring in investigative journalism and Solutions Journalism techniques from international trainers 4. Training in trauma sensitive reporting 5. Access to prepublication legal advice from Liberian media law experts 6. One of two annual fellowships to attend the African Investigative Journalism Conference in Johannesburg 7. Opportunities to cover trials of accused war criminals in Europe and the United States.

To be eligible: Media organizations must: 1. have no political affiliations 2. Be willing to disclose some aspects of the business to facilitate measurement of the project’s impact. 3. Be willing to work with NN editors to approve investigations. 4. Encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing within the organization.  

DEADLINE: June 21, 2022.

TO APPLY: newsrooms should complete this online application form.  Please send any questions to [email protected]

About New Narratives:

New Narratives has worked in Liberia since 2010. NN’s mission is to drive an increase in the quality of journalism so that citizens have the information they need to play their role in democracy, drive change and keep leaders accountable. We recognize the fundamental challenge to quality journalism in Global South settings is a broken business model. For this New Narratives projects do not just support journalism. They also drive the growth of independent revenue and a supportive media ecosystem.