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At NN we believe journalism is a powerful tool for democracy and development. Our work is guided by a simple equation:


NN reporters bring critical information to the public so Africans have the knowledge they need to make informed personal decisions and demand accountability from elected officials who make decisions on their behalf. By supporting New Narratives, you help drive progress through the power of media. NN stories have led to changes in government policy, police and peacekeeper conduct and helped narrow the gender gap in newsrooms. NN stories have also enhanced the foreign desks of many international media outlets with reporting that gives world leaders – who make decisions that impact Africa – the nuanced and detailed picture they need.

Your support helps us make real, long-lasting change. Consider donating to NN so we can add more reporting fellows to our team and partner with more media houses across Africa.

Here’s a breakdown of how your money can help bring information to Africans:

$100 – supports the independent reporting of one African reporter for a month.

$500 – buys all the top of the line equipment one African reporter needs to report for major international media.

$1200 – supports one African reporter for a whole year.

$2000 – brings one African reporter to New York for immersion training at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and experience in a leading US newsroom.

$12,000 – supports  a team of African reporters for a whole year.