Carielle Doe Video/Photography Mentor

Carielle Doe is New Narratives Videography and Photography mentor. She works with our video reporters and photographers on their stories. Carielle is a freelance shooter/producer who has a deep love for journalism.  With a focus on human interest stories, she has worked on projects all over the world.

Carielle worked as a shooter and field producer in Liberia for ABC News throughout the Ebola crisis.  Before Ebola, Carielle worked as a communications consultant on projects for various organizations.

Carielle advanced past more than 40,000 other competitors to win the 2010 Your Big Year competition, which allowed her to travel to 16 countries as field producer and photographer on the 2011 Your Big Year trip. During the trip, she documented volunteer projects in education, health, environmental conservation, and construction.

Early in her career, Carielle worked as a production associate at ABC News and then as an associate producer at NBC News in New York City.  She has an MA in journalism from New York University with a focus on documentary.