Tetee Gebro Podcast Host/Mentor and NNL Board Director

Tetee Gebro rejoins NN after six years as the Deputy Director General at ELBC, Liberia’s state broadcaster. She is a member of the board of directors of New Narratives Liberia. Tetee is a popular and highly regarded reporter and presenter in Liberia who launched her own show talk show Okay Liberia, in January 2016 on Okay FM 99.5. She was a reporter with our Thomson Reuters Oil Reporting program and in that role she did extensive reporting for Front Page Africa newspaper on the failed Corporate Responsibility projects undertaken by the National Oil Company of Liberia with income from the leasing of oil blocks. 

Before that Tetee reported for the BBC Media Action program Kick Ebola from Liberia. From 2011 – 2015 she was a presenter/reporter with Sky FM radio and SkyTV in Liberia. Since Tetee joined New Narratives in January 2011 her courageous reporting has brought her recognition and acclaim. In 2012 Tetee’s story on the impact of a hike in food prices on ordinary Liberians won Best Business Reporting at Liberia’s national reporting awards. Tetee became the first woman to win the prestigious award and one of only a handful of women to win a national reporting award. Judges called Tetee’s radio report one of the best ever aired in Liberia.

Tetee and her bosses at SkyFM showed incredible courage in April 2012 by airing a report on the practice of female genital cutting in Liberia’s traditional societies even after her NN colleague Mae Azango was driven into hiding for reporting on the same topic. Tetee decided to air the piece even when her New Narratives boss asked her not to saying, “I understand the risks but I think we are doing the right thing. People in this country need to talk about this issue.” Thankfully Tetee and her station were not subjected to the same threats.

In August, 2012 Tetee was chosen to attend a Thomson Reuters Business and Economics training in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A native of Monrovia, Tetee dreamed of working as a journalist since she was in elementary school, but the war deferred her dream..Previously she was the co-host of Star Radio’s “Education and Relaxation” program.

“I love the profession,” she says. “If I can do stories that help the common man and woman in Liberia, that will give me great joy.”

New Narratives Fellow – Tetee from New Narratives on Vimeo.