NN Pitch Template

Please answer the following questions when you are pitching a story to an NN editor

Your names:  
Your email addresses: 
Your editors  email address: 
Have you discussed this story with your editor? 
What is the story? (in one sentence)  

Why does it matter to your audience? (how does this impact their lives? Why is it important to tell this story now?)  

Background and Context. (How did we get here? What is the history of this issue? And what else does the reader need to know to understand how this issue impacts them or the country or whatever.)  

Data: Is there any data available that you could use? Have you done a google search? Can you find data from another country or globally that is relevant? For example: how bad is corruption in Liberia? Search on google and see what data you can find.  

Who is being impacted by this story? Can you find every day Liberians who have been harmed or benefited from this? How are you going to use them to tell the story and help the audience relate?  

What experts, leaders can/should you talk to? (Please don’t make your story a list of quotes from experts. Tell the story yourself and have them add opinion, color and expertise.) Have you thought about international representatives in Liberia? What about internationally based people? If they have a phone and an email it doesn’t matter where they are, they can answer your questions.    

How to turn on spell check: