Clara Mallah Alum

Clara Mallah is a newspaper reporter in Monrovia. During her time with New Narratives she was a reporter with FrontPage Africa newspaper where she did groundbreaking reporting on a range of issues including child prostitution, unsafe abortions and child rape. Clara won the 2011 Women’s Reporter of the Year award becoming one of just 3 women ever to have won national reporting awards. Her work has appeared in Reuters, Global Post and AOL News.

Clara started her journalism career at the Daily Observer, one of the oldest newspapers in Liberia. A student at the African Methodist Episcopal University, studying sociology and mass communications, Clara juggles school work with her reporting career. An avid fan of both the BBC and Al Jazeera, her dream is to one day report full time an international media organization. She says, ‘I want people from around the world to read what I write.’

New Narratives Fellow – Clara from New Narratives on Vimeo.