Sonnie Morris Alum

Sonnie Morris is a public relations officer with the United Nations in Liberia. Sonnie was recruited from her job as a reporter and presenter at Sky FM in 2011 because of her groundbreaking reporting with New Narratives. During her time in the program Sonnie won widespread acclaim for her expose on teenage prostitutes. The story caused an uproar in Liberia and the diaspora prompting several government initiatives. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf called on Sonnie to testify before a panel of women leaders on the subject.

After graduating from the International School of Journalism in 2004, Sonnie trained at the Love Valley Broadcasting Corporation in Monrovia. From there she moved to Sky FM. For five years, Sonnie was the only female reporter in the newsroom. She presented her own weekly programme focusing on women and children.

She says, “At times you feel, as a woman, you will not make it. But when you have proven to be who you are, you find yourself waking up from that nightmare.”

Untitled from New Narratives on Vimeo.