Survivors Still Calling for Help 16 Years After War End

The Liberian civil wars officially ended 16 years ago. But victims continue to carry powerful scars. 

This story first appeared on Power TV as part of a collaboration for the West Africa Justice Reporting Project.

A report by Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, recommended the Liberian government pay reparations of $30m to victims and communities of the country’s civil wars. 

The report also recommends help be given to victims in the form of psychosocial, physical, therapeutic support, for all those who are living with disabilities as a result of injuries suffered in the war. 

This is one part of the report that’s barely talked about now. Rights campaigners say victims have either died or are dying slowing due to the lack of medical care for them. 

This contrasts with what’s happening in other countries that had civil upheavals.

Sierra Leone and South Africa have all paid reparations to victims. With the Weah administration resisting the growing calls for the full implementation of the TRC recommendations, Liberian war-victims are complaining of neglect. 

In this collaboration with New Narratives, Anthony Stephens reports on a woman who has lived with bullet wounds for much of her adult life.