As Climate Change Hits Farmers Find Success in Lowland Farming

Farmers in Liberia are moving away from subsistence farming with the help of international partners. As climate change is causing higher temperatures and unpredictable rainfall, donors are trying to help Liberians adapt. Subsistence farmers – as much as 80 per cent of the population – are already facing a food crisis from the changing climate. …

African Investigative Journalism Conference Fellowships Announced

New Narratives is pleased to announce three reporting fellows who have been chosen to attend the African Investigative Reporting Conference in Johannesburg October 31- November 2. Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh, Eric Opa Doue and Tina Mehnpaine will travel to South Africa to represent Liberian newsmedia at the conference, including in a panel on Solutions Journalism with…

Farmers Say Food Crisis is Looming From Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are no longer possible to ignore. Wildfires in California and Australia; devastating flooding in Asia, make headlines every day. Rich countries battle over plans to solve it.Meanwhile poor countries like Liberia are on the frontlines, facing rise sea levels, higher temperatures, more extreme weather that are threatening people’s health and…

New Narratives’ Selection Committee

A group of leading independent activists and journalists will form New Narratives’ selection committee to choose six media houses that will be the recipients of three years support for journalism and business model development under our Excellence in Investigative Journalism Program funded by the Swedish Embassy in Monrovia. The committee members are: Silas Siakor is…


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Job Title: Editorial Director and NN Senior Reporter

Job Location: Monrovia, Liberia

Reports to: Executive Director, New Narratives


A civil society actor, paramount chief and land administrator discuss customary land rights in Bong County, Liberia. This story was a collaboration with New Narratives as part of our Land Rights and Climate Change Reporting Project. Funding was provided by the American Jewish World Service. The funder had no say in the story’s content….

Barconnie and Harmonville Community Forest Struggles with Conversation

When the Forest Reform law was passed in 2006, Liberia’s 51 community forests were offered a chance to conserve or commercialize their forests in logging and other deals with companies.44 chose the money. But conservation groups persuaded seven to pursue conservation – protecting their forest resources and promoting biodiversity.It’s not been an easy road. Varney…

Buchanan Seaside Communities Beg for Rock Wall

BUCHANAN, Grand Bassa – Forty years ago Atlantic Street was one of this port city’s busiest streets, humming with stores and chop shops. Today it is almost deserted. The encroaching shoreline has swallowed up structures and is threatening to take out the street itself. Bobby Gibson’s father used to run a popular store known as Gibson…

Buchanan Seaside Communities Beg For Rock Wall To Protect Them for the sea

Coastal erosion caused by climate-induced rises in sea levels and intense tropical storms have already destroyed the homes of hundreds of Liberian families and put critical fisheries at risk. Nine of the country’s fifteen counties sit along the sea coast putting 60 per cent of the population at threat and causing tens of millions of…


New Narratives, with support from the Swedish International Development Agency, is pleased to call for applications from leading Liberian newsmedia organizations for a program that will boost quality independent and investigative journalism in Liberia….

Farmers Say Food Crisis is Looming from Climate Change

SINYEA, Bong County – After two years of poor harvests the Sumo family was nervous this year. Rain had been unpredictable. The sun felt hotter. The soil on their five-hectare plot here was dry. They planted bitter ball, pumpkin, pepper, corn, okra and rice and followed the rules they had followed their whole lives as subsistence…


The Consultant finance officer has overall responsibility for the efficient operation of finance operations for a small but fast growing journalism nonprofit with teams in Global South settings….